The increasing popularity of ride sharing services, like Uber and Lyft, has prompted regulatory authorities across the U.S. and Canada to revise rules, regulations, and ordinances governing Vehicle for Hire operations. The sheer volume of new drivers and vehicles an agency needs to register, screen, inspect, and track can be overwhelming for the regulatory authority staff.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov Vehicle for Regulation and Reporting Software enables regulators to improve efficiency, accuracy, revenue maximization, and control.

Automate and Streamline Your Agency’s Operations Today and in the Future

Accommodates unique regulation and reporting requirements for all types of transportation for hire:  
Taxis TNCs/Rideshare Shuttles Horse-drawn
Carriages Limousines Pedicabs Private Ambulances
Wreckers And more…
Includes the built-in flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform to manage changing requirements.
Maintains ongoing, comprehensive history of all activity and documents related to drivers, owners/operating authorities, vehicles, and medallions.

Offers real-time reporting and communication features:

• Easy-to-create dashboards, inquiries, and ad hoc reports
• System-generated alerts, notifications, and email/text communications

Provides control and maximization of revenue.

Licensing • Permitting • Medallions

Streamlines your process for accepting, reviewing, and issuing licenses and permits:
• Requires minimal data entry for agency staff
• Prevents submission of incomplete applications
• Automates approvals and confirmations
• Sends automatic renewal reminders and overdue notifications
• Completes medallion/permit inventory with status and history tracking

Inspections • Enforcement • Case Management

Manages your inspections and enforcement activities in real time:
• Allows electronic access to statutes, codes, and ordinances
• Access to electronic inspection checklists
• View attachment of photos/documents to inspection or citation records
• Allows capability of electronic signature
• Allows automatic computation of fees/penalties/points/suspension days
• Allows case tracking through appeals, hearings, and court proceedings

Mobile App

Supports enforcement activities in the field:
• Citation/warnings
• Spot inspections
• Inquiries (while online)
• Voice-to-text
• Photo attachments
• Barcode scanning
• Electronic signatures

Interface Options

Supports integration with other systems:
• Background Checks
• Insurance Verification
• Badge and Decal Printing
• Barcode Scanning
• Etc.

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