Environmental Health

The Environmental Health solution incorporates the FTG Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, and Citizen Interaction functions to accommodate the needs of this important service.

Any type of environmental health permit application can be processed in FTG, including:  
  • Swimming pools
  • Sewer/Septic tanks
  • Food establishments
  • Massage therapists
  • X-ray equipment
  • etc.
  Some of the key benefits you will receive from this solution are listed below.  
  • All electronic input forms and official documents can be adapted to your needs.
  • Permit applications can be submitted on-line via a portal.
  • Fees can be computed and presented on-line; payments can be submitted on-line.
  • Renewals and recurring inspections can be automatically tracked; notifications can be automatically communicated.
  • Citizens can file complaints and request record copies via the portal.
  • Code enforcement cases can be automatically prepared based on citizen complaints; complete inspection and violation tracking is provided.
  In addition to the above, you will have access to the history of permit applications, inspections, citizen complaints, and violations by property, owner, and contractor.

For more information about our Environmental Health product, please click here.