Citizen Interaction

You will have an on-demand, web-based solution that supports receiving, processing, and closing citizen complaints and requests for miscellaneous services, such as document copies, public information, facility reservations, and minor permits. Your benefits will include increased citizen convenience, faster processing of complaints, and time savings for everyone. View samples of citizen interaction.
View samples of citizen complaints
Citizens can, from their home or business:
  • Submit a complaint (anonymously, if desired) or request for service via telephone or the internet
  • Pay outstanding balances via the internet
  • Track the status of a complaint via the internet
Office Personnel can automatically:
  • Categorize complaints by type and priority
  • Route complaints and service requests to the applicable departments, including the creation of code enforcement cases
  • Receive and communicate status updates and final resolutions
Administrators and Officials can by acquiring this solution:
  • Enhance citizen satisfaction
  • Receive up-to-the-minute reports on occurrences and resolutions of complaints by type, location, and the like
  • Review the processing history of a specific complaint or review the history of all complaints related to a specific property
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