Code Enforcement/Case Management

You will have an on-demand, web-based solution to manage all case management activities, including:
  • Demand and recurring inspections
  • Violation issuance and tracking
  • Fines and penalties
  • Court proceedings
This solution can be used for code enforcement complaints, health and safety, occupancy, fire protection, building management, and more. Your benefits will include increased convenience for inspectors and other field personnel, increased revenue opportunities, and time savings for all. View samples of a code enforcement case.
View samples of a code enforcement case
Inspectors, from the field or in the office, can:
  • Maintain and view up-to-the-minute schedules
  • Create and print inspection lists, violation notices, and citations
  • Track the status and update code enforcement cases
Office Personnel can automatically:
  • Receive and open cases resulting from complaints
  • Schedule inspectors based on type, location, availability, etc.
  • Compute, assess, and monitor collection of fines and penalties
Administrators and Officials can, by acquiring this solution:
  • Review the complete history of a specific code enforcement case, including those arising from citizen complaints
  • Review the complete history of code enforcement cases for a specific property
  • Review up-to-the-minute reports on activity including number of inspections by type, violations by type, average processing time, and the like
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