You can choose from a broad array of products designed specifically for government. These products can serve almost every agency, department, or special district within cities, counties, and states. See how we can serve you.
All FTG® products are designed for use either standalone or integrated with other products. Integration means all data is entered only once and is available to all other connected users.
FastTrackGov integrates to Esri ArcGIS system offering the following features:
• Inspectors can visualize all cases assigned to them or their team on a map
• Each license, permit, complaint, violation, inspection, etc. that is associated to the property is displayed and can be access directly from the map.
• Proximity searches can be performed showing other parcels that are adjacent or near.
• Letters can be sent via email, mail to the property owners selected from the proximity search informing them of a project, etc.
• Inspectors can get driving directions to a specific inspection site.
• Inspectors can “optimize” their route to allow the system to calculate the most efficient inspection route in regards to location when several inspections are scheduled.
All FTG products that involve contact with citizens or field personnel are web-based. Citizens can submit applications, requests, and complaints from their home or business. Field personnel can receive and update system information from a remote site. Web-based translates to convenience and saves time for all parties using the system.
Fast Tracked
All products contain features that speed the processing of applications, complaints, code enforcement cases, and other documents. Faster processing means more satisfied citizens and, often, increased revenues.
All products contain optional features and alternative ways of performing tasks. This flexibility means you don’t have to change policies and processes that you desire to keep. In other words, our products adapt to your needs rather than the other way around.
Bottom Line
In summary, all of our products are designed to:
  • Improve citizen service
  • Save you time
  • Obtain faster results
  • Pay for themselves

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