You will receive a software solution that covers the full range of purchasing activities, from eProcurement to receiver. The product includes complete fund accounting capabilities including available funds checking, pre-encumbering, encumbering, and full and partial liquidations.  
Some of the other key benefits to you are as follows:
  • Supports de-centralized requisitions with automatic approval routing and status tracking.
  • Creates Requests for Quotation and trade responses.
  • Performs automatic matching among purchase orders, receivers, inspection reports, invoices, and freight charges, as applicable.
  • Executes tolerance checks for quantity received, quantity billed, unit price, total amount, freight billed, expiration date, and delivery timeliness.
  • Computes sales or use tax, discounts, retention, freight, etc.
  • Allocates line items and computed amounts to predefined general ledger accounts.
  • Performs unit of measure conversions.
  • Accommodates special needs, such as standard cost, purchase price variance, and the like.
  • Provides on-line access to historical data by vendor, vendor group, item, and transaction type.
Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS-ePro is an industry-leading suite of electronic procurement solutions featuring supplier registration, online bidding, reverse auction, contract management, hosted contract catalogues, and the ability to leverage a supplier’s eCommerce web site via punch-out technology. When integrated with our FMS II Purchasing system, FMS-ePro provides your organization with greater efficiencies by automating time-consuming procurement procedures, streamlining your supplier communications, and increasing visibility into your contract spend. The FMS-ePro solutions can be delivered and implemented in two basic models: Software License or Software as a Service (SaaS).