Client Benefits

As a leading provider of governmental enterprise solutions, FastTrackGov® provides agencies and their constituents with a number of benefits.

  • Citizens and businesses gain more convenient access to government services.
  • Applications, requests, and complaints are processed faster resulting in higher citizen satisfaction.
  • Revenue collection is streamlined increasing the flow of cash into the organization.
Familiar Environment

FastTrackGov is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, which provides a powerful infrastructure for our products. In addition, it is fully integrated with the desktop solutions that your users see every day, such as Microsoft Outlook and Excel. The benefits of this are threefold:

  • Microsoft focuses on usability. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface is both powerful and easy to learn.
  • The platform is based on core Microsoft technology providing a familiar environment to work in.
  • Microsoft integration allows information to transfer seamlessly from FastTrackGov to Microsoft Office applications or Microsoft Outlook for scheduling and workflow routing.
Choice of Installation Options

You may deploy FastTrackGov either on-premise or in the cloud, which requires no up-front capital expenditure.

Regardless of which installation option you choose, you will also benefit from our strong security features, our policy of free upgrades, and easy access to your data at any time.

To learn how our software can meet your special needs, click on the Solutions tab.